My Secret to Clear Skin



Some of you have asked what my beauty routine is.  How do I manage to keep my skin clear.  I thought about it and thought about it and I really don’t think there is a secret.  Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones.  As a teenager I did not have skin issues, suffering from breakouts only as they related to hormonal changes and even those were few and far between.  I remember my cousins having really bad acne, so I’m not sure why that problem skipped me — glad it did.  As an adult I very rarely have breakouts but I do suffer from extremely dry skin….. I guess that’s a problem too.

If there is a trick to my clear skin and my very few wrinkles I probably can thank my mother and father for the great genes they donated to me.  I can also, probably, thank my lazy personality when it comes to spending time in front of a mirror.

For those of you who may be interested in my routine, here it goes…. however, I do promise you that it’s going to be boring.

I jump  out of bed at 5:00 a.m. — I stay in bed as long as I possibly can.  I love sleeping.  The days I go into the office I wear make up but my makeup is minimal.

The first think I do is brush my teeth.  I will be posting an all natural tooth paste I’ve been trying as soon as I can figure out the recipe better.  For now I’m not 100% thrilled with it so no point in going into it here.

I splash my face with cold–ish water and then wipe my face with one of the all natural facial wipes from my Yogi Surprise Box (currently I’m finishing up the Citrus from Rooted Beauty).  I’m not really sure why I do this step except that I like the way these wipes smell and I think they help me wake up.

I then sit at my makeup table and after moisturizing (I am alternating between two moisturizers right now but they are getting really heavy since the temperature is getting warmer yay….) I start the makeup application.  Since turning forty I have had to resign myself to the fact that I need to apply foundation.  I try to always find something light which contains more water than product.  I have been looking but still have not found an all natural product that does as good of a job as the ones I currently have in my arsenal — I won’t mention any names because I don’t want to advertise something I don’t plan on sticking with…. as soon as they are finished, if I still have not found the all natural foundation I’m looking or I will go bare.  You will, of course, the first to know when that happens.  Once the foundation is done, I put on eye liner.  I have been wearing Urban Decay eye liners and when I’m feeling particularly energetic eye shadows.  I began buying them  because they are animal friendly but I have to admit that I have not red the ingredients  so I’m not completely sure what they are made up of.   So something for my to-do list.

The last think I do is apply lip balm and then lipstick.  My lip balm is also from my Yogi Surprise Box.  I am loving the Hurraw Vita Lip Balm, right now I have the almond cinnamon rose flavor but I think I need a summer one,  and Bite lipsticks and you can find me in red most often….. Red is a great color if you want pretend you spent lots of time on your makeup.  Just make sure the red goes with your complexion and it’s not runny….. nothing worse than having lipstick in the little creases of your lips…… Ohhh the joys of getting older.  I like the ones that have two in one tube.

More often than not I choose the no make up look.  In the summer I try to remember to apply sun block on my face and arms but I forget very often.  This year the doctor pointed out a mark on the left side of my face which he believes to be sun damage…. I’m not sure.  My father had the same mark and mine has been there for a while also.  However, that doesn’t mean that sun protection isn’t important.  I have to try to be better about that.  I would love to get something natural but until I find the right natural product I should still be vigilant about that.  I do believe that we all need a few minutes of sun without protection.  We all need vitamin D and the best way to receive it is to be outdoors in the sunlight.  So, in the summer, I also try to do that for about 15 to 20 minutes every day or at least every couple of days.  It’s so sad when our jobs demand that we sit at a desk all day from sun up to sun down and most of us don’t see the light of day until the weekends.

At night I remove my make up with one of the facial wipes again.  Once in a while I use Josie Maran organ oil make up remover but more often than water is my friend.  For my eye liner, which can be stubborn, I use a little bit of Bioderma on a wash cloth.  I find that if I apply the Bioderma and let it soak for a bit the eye liner comes off so easy.  The great thing about Urban Decay eyeliners is also their most annoying thing….. They don’t come off very easily.  Water alone does not help.

Like so many of you I too use to buy tons of products to keep my skin clean and healthy.  I quickly realized that, for me…. it’s a waste.  I’m lazy where it comes to beauty.  Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup… I have tons of make up but I hate taking it off.

Once every couple of weeks I also do a mask.  Sometimes I do avocado and honey, sometimes I do just avocado.  Depends on the way my skin feels.  I will try to remember to post a recipe soon of some of my favorite makes…. but again, masking, although feels great, it’s also time consuming and I tend to be lazy with stuff like that.

So, as you can see there is no big skin care secret.  I would say that my biggest secrets are:

  1. Lots of water
  2. Diet
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Bare skin whenever possible
  5. Laugh a lot (laugh lines are beautiful)

Those are my five secrets for beautiful skin.

I hope you enjoy this blog post and please, why don’t you tell me what your secrets are and also if you have natural products that you are currently using and loving, let me know.  I’d love to give them a try.




Any Thoughts?

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