What I’m Reading


What a busy week this was.  Between work and trying to figure out new ways to do my 2 hour commute I feel like I was run over by a truck… Good news I wasn’t!!!!!!!  In addition, Camelot is also in serious need of a pain job and we (Mr. Camelot and I) have been trying to get to the three front rooms for the past month.  We finally finished one room and we’re so happy with how it came out.  Go on over to the Home page and check out some of the pictures.

Finally having some time to sit and read is a welcomed distraction.  Here are the links to what I really enjoyed this week:

No Kids for Me Thanks – Great article in the New York Times about questions women who choose to not have children face.  I read it and I thought that it could apply to women who for other reasons have no children.

How the Shape of Your Face Affects How You’re Perceived at Work – It’s a good article but I don’t think accurate.

The Science of Setting Goals – I read this one as I was trying to set goals for myself at work.  It made a whole lot of sense to me.  Setting my goals and focosing on the outcome was not working for me.  I think that by focusing on the process of achieving that goal makes the “trip” a whole lot more fun and who knows, maybe a lot more educational as well.  It may be the kick in the behind that I need to get things moving, finally.  (I’ll keep you posted).

11 Ways to Keep Your Home A Cancer Free Zone – This week I found a great website.  I was going to say a new website/blog but I am sure it’s not so new.  I may be the one who is late to the party…. as usual.   I am constantly trying to keep Camelot clean and healthy and I’m always getting frustrated because I feel that I spend most of my free time (not much as it is) trying to re-clean and re_healthify (I made up this word).

Why are men Afraid of Going Vegan – I know it’s weird but it’s true.  How many of us know of a couple where the woman is vegetarian or vegan and husband is a full fledge meat eater?  Yep…. that would be and Mr. Camelot.  I’m not proud of it but I’m not here to change him.  All I keep hoping is that at some point he will see that he’s better off on this side of the fence.  In the meantime, I have to say that he is very supportive and tastes everything I make.


Any Thoughts?

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