January 2019 Favorites

It’s hard to believe that January is done.  It’s been a difficult month for me and for what I understand it’s been a difficult month for many.  I’m not sure what’s going on but the planets need to align quickly or I’m going to fully run out of energy before the end of February.  Another month like this one and I will go into hiding and not come out until it’s safe out here.

There are some things that stood out for me this month and because I like sharing what makes me more productive, organized or just plain happy, I thought I’d share those with you.  Let’s make this a thing.  At the end of every month I will share a few things that made me happy, productive or even just happy.  If at all possible I’ll insert links and hopefully have some pictures to make it more visually pleasing for you.  Who wants to just read? Right?

So I’m thinking types of things I’m thinking about are:  Music (there may not be a lot of these since my music tastes vary so much); Movies (mostly what I’ve watched on my Apple TV which is a favorite of mine and makes me happy and not so productive); Netflix or Amazon (mostly series that I binge on); Technology (I’m a huge fan of technology and use it as much as possible); Books I’m reading or have read; YouTube (I enjoy spending/wasting my time watching YouTube); and planner related things (these can be sticker shops, planners in general or how I’m planning and why)

Let’s get this started:


The month of January was all about listening to things that gave me comfort and peace and allowed me to just be present.  Being present was a topic that kept coming up for me this month.  Everywhere I looked it felt like the universe kept telling me that I need to be more present.  Since my brain doesn’t really understand what being present really means I’ve been trying to learn more about it.  So, music that is calming and has no words helps because with no words then I’m not tempted to let my brain wonder and thing about what the lyrics are making me feel.  I prefer to concentrate on what I’m feeling at that moment.  I think that is what “being present” means.  Feel the moment.

I’ve been listening to mostly classical music.  Mostly violin.  I know BORiNG!!!!!! but …. get over it.  the next few topics may be more interesting.  This one … yeah I get it.  Not for everyone.  Why did I chose to start with this one?

Moving on


Again, another dud.  I didn’t watch any movies this month.  I’ve spent some time binging on Amazon Prime so moving on to the next topic.

Netflix/Amazon Prime

Here’s a good one. Finally!  In January, Actually I started in December but finished binging in January so I’ll count this one.  I finished The Marvelous Mrs. Meisel


Set in the 50s and 60s I first fell in love with the fashion and the looks.  I’ve always been fascinated by this era when women were women and a different type of powerful.  This may be a topic for a different post but I truly believe that women’s power is much more different than men and that’s why we’re are complimentary to each other.  Anyway, although the fashion brought me to watch it, the story line kept me hooked and I spent many a weekend glued to Amazon Prime watching episode after episode.  I even went as far as looking up clothing that I could wear that would sort of kind’a look like that.  I liked the humor and the drama and I totally recommend it.  I can’t wait for the next season to start.



I’m not sure how many of you know but I have a very long commute to work.  Most of the time on the train I like to listen to podcasts and/or books.  Sometimes music but I prefer to do more productive things.  Music on the train is reserved for when I want to fall asleep and forget that I have to be in that same position crowded by a million people for almost 2 hours.  Also, if any of you have been on the trains and/or subways in New York City you know that protecting your hearing from the craziness that happens outside your own head is probably one of the most important things.  Most of us wear headphones so we can block that stuff.  I have a set of the regular pods from Apple and they work fine.  I don’t like the wire which in the winter (again if you ever had to maneuver a bag, a huge coat hats and gloves and have a wire hanging can be a pain); I also have a set of noise blocking bluetooth headset but the problem with this one is that it blocks the noise extremely well.  Again, walking in the City or even being on the train, I want to block unwanted chatter but I also want to be able to hear and be aware of my surroundings.

For my birthday, at the start of the month, my husband gifted me a set of Apple AirPods.  Those little things are amazing.  I absolutely love them.  I can wear both of them and cut out most of the outside stimuli or I can wear just one pod and be more aware.  They are not as noise canceling as the headphones I have and that’s the point.  I don’t want them to be.  They stay charged for a very long time because the case is also a charging station and when you put the AirPods in the case they charge.  They automatically turn on as soon as you put them in your ears and if you take one out of your ear they stop playing.  Amazing, right?  It’s a little magical thing that happens.  The AirPods know when they’re inside your ear.

I was afraid that they would fall out but they don’t.  Perhaps because they are not attached to the chord hanging down so there’s nothing to weigh them down and because they are so small you can still wear a hat when it’s cold outside.  If you live in the Northeast you know what type of cold I’m talking about……. It’s 5 degrees outside right now without the windchill …..

Anyway, I’ve been loving these two little pods and I can’t remember how I lived without them for so long.


One of the things I’ve been trying to learn and hopefully do is start a YouTube channel in 2019.  I’ve been playing around lately but I’m sooooooo bad at it.  I’m not even ready to tell you what the name of the channel is.  It’s really horrible.  So I want to learn how to film, edit and post.  The plan is to also place some videos here and also on YouTube and to discuss basically the same things I discuss here.  I also want to film planner videos.  I enjoy planning my weeks with stickers which then turns the planner into a memory keeper thing that I can look back and see where I was and who I was.  Sometimes I write thoughts in my planner but most of the time it keeps me grounded and productive.


Anyway, I want to learn all the things and be somewhat good at it before launch…. no launch date yet.  I’ll let you know when.

I decided to buy Vlog Like a Boss and have been listening to it on Audible on my way to and from work.  I’m really enjoying the book.  Amy Schmittauer, the author, has been on YouTube for a very long time and I’ve followed her channel for a number of years now.

In the book she discusses how to set up a channel and how to present yourself in the best light.  She’s a guru on productivity and setting up companies and people like me and you on branding themselves on video.

I’m not going to do a review of the book here because I’m not even half way done with the book.  I want to finish it so I can give it justice.  For now I will say that I am really enjoying it and as of right now I totally recommend it to anyone thinking about having a presence on video/online.

Planner Related

I think I said this above.  I enjoy planning with stickers.  I know…. stickers are mostly for kids.  I thought that too just a few months ago.  However, right now I’m really enjoying the look of stickers in my planner.  They make me happy to look at.  Can planning be done without stickers?  Yes, of course.  It can and in some instances it probably should.  I have no stickers in my work planner/notebook.  My everyday life planner is full of pretty stickers.  It’s my planner and I’ll do with it whatever I want to.  If you thing that’s nutty, then just move on 🙂


Yep…. the above is a shot of all the stickers that I printed.  Yep, I printed.  I have discovered that I can save a few bucks…. quiet a few …. if I just print the stickers myself.  Not only can I save a few bucks but I can have instant gratification…. who doesn’t love instant gratification?  I don’t have to wait for someone to send me the stickers and worst of all, by the time I get the stickers I no longer want to use them because things have changed.  By printing my stickers I am able to, on the day I need to plan my week I can go searching for a kit that speaks to me and immediately start planning.

I am really enjoying the sticker paper that I purchased this time because it’s removable.  That means that if plans change I can move the sticker and not rip up my pages.  We all know that plans change all the time.

My favorite stickers to buy are from OnlineLabels.com.

They have a huge variety of labels but the ones I ordered and have been using are OL_177WR Removable White Matte.  They come in a whole 8.5 X 11 Sheet which I can use in my printer.  I like the matte better than glossy because I can use any pen.  If you’re going to write on the labels (and of course if you’re planning you will be writing on the labels) and you’re using a glossy sticker you will have to use a permanent marker.  I don’t know about you but I don’t normally use markers in my day to day so I prefer the matte where I can use whatever pen is at my disposal at the moment.  More often than not I use a Pilot Frixion in a .5 *the pen is erasable which also makes it easy to change appointments if I have to.

so there you have it.  My favorite things in January of 2019.  What are your favorite things?  Do you enjoy these posts?  I am thinking that maybe I can also add other categories….. hmmm teas I’m drinking, coffee I’m enjoying?  what do you think?

Thanks for hanging with me.  I’ll be back next week with another post.  I think I will be doing something on what worked for me the month of January and what didn’t work as well as habits I want to start and habits I want to keep.  Maybe even habits I want to stop.  I have a few ideas.  Just have to figure out how to best present it.

also, stay tuned for the video situation.  I have so much to learn…. time to get my day started.



Any Thoughts?

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