Stop Telling Me What I Want — Why I’m not a CEO



March was Women’s History Month.  I have mixed feelings about months and days dedicated to particular causes.  I think if we are really interested in a cause we should make every day dedicated to that cause.  However, I too jumped on the bandwagon and did some “women stuff.”  I attended some interesting talks … one specifically was given by Helene Lerner, who is the editor of the Website and the author of various books for women.  Because I attended the talk I received a free copy of her new book The Confidence Myth.  Quick read with a few good tips on how to navigate the career traps which seem to stump us all from time to time.  I’ll try to remember to do a proper review of the book at a later time.


Also, as you can imagine, because of Women’s History Month, there were quite a few online reads dedicated to trying to understand us, women.  I can’t help but think that they make us out to be a lot more complicated than we really are and sometimes one of the consequences of trying to understand us and trying to figure out why we do what we do we wind up coming across as these creatures who cannot take care of themselves or make things happen for them.  This weekend I came across this article about millennial women not wanting to be CEO’s.  Yeah, I don’t blame them.  Newsflash, Entrepreneur, not everyone wants to be a CEO.  If we all wanted the same things, ours would be a very boring existence.  We need diversity.  Isn’t that what we keep telling everyone? The article goes as far as saying that women don’t want to be CEOs because they don’t have the role models needed (more women) in those positions.  Ok, in my opinion, that’s just dumb.  A CEO is a CEO whether it’s a man or a woman. Women are intelligent enough to know what they want and don’t want and CEO may not be what they want.  However, If in fact you want some role models….. here are a few …… Marisa Mayer, Meg Whitman, Sophia Amoruso.

So perhaps its not that millennial woman don’t have role models to fashion their career path after.  Perhaps it’s just that they have a different idea of leadership.  There are plenty of other places to make your mark and be a leader; Mother Theresa, Maya Angelou.  Perhaps millennial have finally realized that changing the world is done done from the corner office.

Some food for thought.










The Best of Both Worlds


Working from home is great.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I did not like working from home the past few months.  However, I am going to sit here and tell you that going to the office sometimes is also great.

The thing about working from home, for me, at least, is that I tend to not get up from my computer at all.  There really isn’t a reason to go to another room.  I can sit here all day and everything I need is right at my finger tips….. Ok, maybe I go to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat but then it’s right back to sit in front of my computer.  I started to feel as if I didn’t even need to get dressed.  There were days when I just worked in my Pjs all day — Yeah I know for some of you this may be something you wish you could have — I remember I couldn’t wait to have that.

When working from home, networking becomes even more important.  “out of site out of mind.”  Because most of the time people do not see you, you may not get the “good” assignments –you know the ones that will get you promoted or in front of the people who will be making the promotion and raise decisions.  You must become more conscious about networking and developing those connections.

A few months ago I decided that I needed to rework my schedule.  I needed to feel like I was part of the team and I needed to be seen.

So now I have the best of both worlds.  I get to work from home when I need to work from home.  I get to enjoy the quiet when I need to get more work out and I get to go to the office when I feel like I need to socialize or when I have a meeting for which I need to be there in person.

I go to the office most of days of the week and when I’m there I make sure I take the time to pop my head in the offices of my other team members and at times even am able to join them for lunch or an after work something…. more often than not a drink or two.

The other reason I like to go to the office is that it gives me another excuse to buy clothes 🙂